Why hasn’t Lionel Messi renewed his contract with PSG?

Why hasn’t Lionel Messi renewed his contract with PSG? The Argentine newspaper El Nacional reports that the superstar player for Paris Saint-Germain (PSG), Lionel Messi, has made specific requests to his current club that the Parisians have found embarrassing. As a direct consequence of this, Messi still needs to agree to the renewal of his contract.

Why hasn’t Lionel Messi renewed his contract with PSG?

According to the article, Messi, who reportedly makes $41 million per season, is seeking an even more significant wage raise from the Ligue 1 club than he now receives. Another one of Messi’s requirements is that the French club improve its roster to accommodate him. Even though the Parisians already possess a very talented roster, they have yet to be able to compete in the UEFA Champions League. Messi has expressed his desire for the team to acquire additional talent to improve their chances of winning championships.

Lionel Messi could miss Paris Saint-UEFA Germain's Champions League round of 16 match against B

Argentina has made another request, which has left the club completely bewildered. He is said to request additional time off from his club responsibilities if he is chosen for La Albiceleste. The Argentine national team competes in many matches yearly, each with added travel requirements. Consequently, Messi requests that he be given additional time off, which may require his absence from a few Ligue 1 matches.

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