Who were the most injured Premier League clubs?

The Premier League has been beset by injuries ever since the season started. Countless managers have spoken of the existence of crippling absence lists. Notably, Eddie Howe of Newcastle, Erik ten Hag of Manchester United, Jurgen Klopp of Liverpool, Mauricio Pochettino of Chelsea, and Roberto de Zerbi of Brighton.

Who were the most injured Premier League clubs?

Many issues have been discussed, including the longer game lengths brought about by more stringent regulations against time-wasting. The unrelenting playing schedule that elite players and teams competing in European and international events endure.

View the four important charts on the Premier Injuries website (external link) below to determine your team’s relative strength against the opposition.

When it comes to the amount of injuries its players have endured, Manchester United leads the league right now. After twenty years of tracking player absences from Premier League games. The Premier Injuries website has shown that this is the highest number of individual injuries ever recorded.

Many of the players suffered from several injuries. The total number of injuries rose by 11% over the season before, which included a winter World Cup.

Injury rates to the hamstrings increased by 18% over the previous year. Ben Dinnery of Premier Injuries says that when you are tired, everything seems OK until your body reaches its breaking point. Fatigue is the most important indicator of injuries.

Who had the most injuries?

‘Time-loss’ injuries 2023-24

Team Separate injuries
MNU 45
CHE 43
NEW 41
BRI 41
AST 39
TOT 37
CRY 37
FOR 36
LIV 35
LUT 35
EVE 33
SHU 31
BRE 29
MNC 26
WHU 26
WOL 26
BOU 25
BUR 25
ARS 23
FUL 22
Total 655


Who were the most injured Premier League clubs?

Most individual players injured

Premier League 2023-24

Team Players injured
TOT 22
BRI 21
LIV 21
MNU 21
AST 20
CHE 20
CRY 20
NEW 20
FOR 19
BOU 18
BRE 18
LUT 18
SHU 17
WHU 17
BUR 16
WOL 16
EVE 15
ARS 14
FUL 14
MNC 14
Total 361

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