Westminster Abbey Champions League anthem confuses Coronation spectators

When King Charles III was crowned, what seemed to be the song for the Uefa Champions League was played at the ceremony. This confused people who were watching.

Westminster Abbey Champions League anthem confuses Coronation spectators

Tony Britten wrote the song that football fans often hear on TV during Champions League games. It was written around the time the event started, in 1992.

The official name of the song is “Champions League,” but it was not played at the coronation of the king. People were confused, but there was a reason for that.


The tune of “Champions League” was taken from “Zadok the Priest” by George Frideric Handel, which was written in 1727 for the coronation of King George II.

On Saturday, May 6, this traditional piece was played at Westminster Abbey.

Still, people were confused and made jokes on social media about the mix-up.

One person joked, “Charlie playing the Champions League music as a sneaky nod to how much he likes third-placed Newcastle United FC.”

“Was the music made to sound like the music for the Champions League?” someone else asked.

“The Priest Zadok. Another watcher joked, “You just can’t beat Champions League games like this in Westminster.”

“Tuned out for a while; now they’re building a box to the Champions League music,” the Irish comedian Dara Briain wrote. Does Charles pop out of the top?”

They stopped singing the other songs and started singing the Champions League anthem instead. About time,” wrote PaddyPower, a company that takes bets.

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