Vinicius Jr believes racism is “normal” in LaLiga after crowd chants during Real Madrid’s league match in Valencia

Real Madrid lost 1-0 to Valencia on Sunday. During the game, Valencia fans called Vinicius Jr. racist names. This is not the first time this season that the 22-year-old has been called racist names. Real Madrid boss Carlo Ancelotti has called for action, and Valencia has issued an apology.

Vinicius Jr believes racism is “normal” in LaLiga after crowd chants during Real Madrid’s league match in Valencia

Vinicius Jr. says that racism is normal in LaLiga and that “the championship that used to belong to Ronaldinho, Ronaldo, Cristiano, and Messi now belongs to racists” after he was booed and screamed at by racist fans again on Sunday.

During Real Madrid’s 1-0 loss to Valencia at the Mestalla stadium, some fans chanted about the Brazil international.

In the second half, the game was stopped for 10 minutes because a 22-year-old player was so angry that he grabbed the judge and pointed at fans he thought had been mean to him.

In extra time, Vinicius Jr. got into a fight with scorer Hugo Duro, which led to him being sent off for violent behavior.

Vinicius Jr.: How Spanish soccer is letting down Real Madrid’s top players in the face of racist abuse

After the game, he wrote on Twitter, “It wasn’t the first time, the second time, or the third time. In LaLiga, racism is a common thing. In football, they and the league think it’s normal, and the other team encourages it. I’m so sad. Racism now owns the title that used to belong to Ronaldinho, Ronaldo, Cristiano, and Messi.

“A beautiful country that welcomed me and that I love, but which decided to show the world that it is racist. I feel bad for the Spaniards who don’t agree, but Spain is known as a racist country in Brazil right now. And I have nothing to say about something that happens every week. I let it happen. But I am strong, and I will fight haters until the end. Even if it’s a long way away.”

LaLiga will ask for all pictures that can be found so that they can figure out what happened. The league said in a statement, “If any hate crime is found, we will take the right legal steps.”

The Spanish league has filed complaints before about racist chants or insults aimed at Vinicius Jr. The most recent one was filed in a court in Mallorca after fans were caught on camera making racist comments about the forward.

A dummy wearing Vinicius Jr’s number 20 shirt was hung from a bridge outside Real Madrid’s training ground in January. This is being looked into as a possible hate crime.

“I don’t want to talk about football today, and talking about football today doesn’t make sense. I told the umpire that the game should have been stopped.

“LaLiga has a problem. Vinicius is the best player in the world, in my opinion. LaLiga has a problem, and these racist incidents need to end the game.

“The whole crowd is making racist chants at a player, and the game has to be stopped. I would say the same thing if we were winning 3-0, there is no other way.”

Later, Ancelotti wrote on Twitter, “Today has been a sad day at Mestalla, where a group of fans have shown their worst side.” It’s time to stop talking and do something strong. Racism has no place in sports or anywhere else. Racism has no place anywhere.”

Darren Lewis: “It’s fine for clubs like Valencia to apologize after the fact, but the fact is that nothing is being done, not just to protect someone like Vinicius Jr, but also to protect Black players in general. That’s why Vinicius Jr says Spain is seen as a country full of racists.”

“Sport is not a place where young guys can be treated badly because of their race. If that happens, the only way for them to keep their power is to leave the field of play, because when Black players leave the field of play, the game starts to pay attention. In 2023, black guys don’t go to work to be treated badly because of their race.

“Spanish football is in a crisis because it can’t handle this, and the usual excuses aren’t good enough after a situation like this.

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