UEFA to “begin process of permitting Russia to rejoin tournaments” despite war

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UEFA has begun the process of reintroducing Russia – and Russian club teams – into European competition. Following its invasion of Ukraine in February, Russia was barred from joining UEFA and FIFA. That assault is still ongoing, but Russian forces have been pushed back into separatist-backed’ areas that Moscow maintains are pro-Russian.

UEFA to “begin process of permitting Russia to rejoin tournaments” despite the war

The allegation comes just days after Russian media suggested the country was considering leaving UEFA and joining Asia’s counterpart, the AFC.

“The IOC’s position remains unchanged,” according to a statement. We want to direct your attention to the ‘State of the Olympic Movement’ section of the Declaration of the 11th Olympic Summit, which will be placed on December 9, 2022. Please also take note of IOC President Thomas Bach’s New Year’s Message for 2023.

However, according to Russian state media outlet RT, UEFA is set to “begin the process of allowing Russia to rejoin football competitions.” The move could allow Russia back into the Nations League. Also, into the qualification process for Euro 2024.

Roman Teryushkov said: “In the presence of the RFU in UEFA contradicts the national interests of Russia. It is impossible to build sports friendships with countries unfriendly to us and with constant poking from the West.”

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