Tuchel and Nagelsmann’s tangled paths cross again

Tuchel and Nagelsmann’s tangled paths cross again. In the most recent chapter of a connection that began in 2006, when Nagelsmann was playing for Augsburg’s youth team under Tuchel, Thomas Tuchel and Julian Nagelsmann once more came into contact.

His potential career in the dugout began at that point, mostly unknown to him.

Tuchel gave Nagelsmann the opportunity to combine his playing and scouting responsibilities since his playing career was coming to an end as a result of a severe knee injury. Tuchel and Nagelsmann have a challenging relationship.
Nagelsmann has attempted to downplay the significance of Tuchel, who has now replaced him at Bayern Munich, in his career, despite the fact that both men’s careers have been intertwined by their shared beginnings.

Before the RB Leipzig vs. PSG match that would determine a spot in the 2020 Champions League final, Nagelsmann stated, “I was solely Thomas Tuchel’s player, nothing else.

It’s a topic that’s receiving way too much hype. I had injuries from my time at 1860 Munich while I was playing for the Augsburg youth team.

Tuchel and Nagelsmann’s tangled paths cross again. 

“I had to decide at that time. I continued to be a scout or I looked for another work to pay for my university education.

Thomas was impressed because it was a rare position in those leagues.

“I’m happy because that was the first step in my profession.

Then I had a job offer to work as a coach at 1860 Munich, although Thomas had nothing to do with that.

That the two of us would face off in a Champions League semifinal was “hard to comprehend.”

Tuchel is not regarded as Nagelsmann’s mentor.
Nagelsmann hasn’t been too complimentary of his former coach in his comments.

Our connection was too realistic, therefore I don’t consider him to be my mentor, he remarked.

Tuchel and Nagelsmann's tangled paths cross again: I don't consider him my mentor

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