Saudi Arabia shocked world with incredible 2-1 victory over Argentina

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Saudi Arabia shocked the world with an incredible 2-1 victory over Argentina in a FIFA World Cup match. It was a tight match in which Argentina controlled the first half of the game but failed to hold their nerve in the opening minutes of the second half as Saudi Arabia took advantage to seal their victory.

Saudi Arabia shocked world with an incredible 2-1 victory over Argentina

Al-Dosri scored a stunning goal in the 53rd minute of the game that delighted his fans around the world, even the Saudi commentator, whose commentary video has gone viral on social media.

Player ratings

Argentina: E. Martinez 6, Molina 5, Tagliafico 5, Romero 4, Otamendi 5, Parades 6, De Paul 6, Gomez 5, Di Maria 6, Messi 6, La. Martinez 6.

Subs: Li. Martinez 6, Fernandez 6, Alvarez 6, Acuna 6.

Saudi Arabia: Al-Owais 9, Al-Bulayhi 8, Abdulhamid 7, Al-Shahrani 7, Al-Tambakti 8, Al-Malki 7 Al-Dawsari 8, Al-Shehri 8, Kanno 7, Al-Faraj 7, Al-Brikan 6.

Subs: Al-Abid 6, Al-Ghannam 6, Al-Burayk 6, Asiri 6, Al Amri 6.

Argentina’s Lionel Messi said: “It is a very hard blow for everyone; we did not expect to start this way. Things happen for a reason. We have to prepare for what is coming; we have to win, and it depends on us.

“There are no excuses. We are going to be more united than ever. This group is strong, and we have shown it. It is a situation that we haven’t gone through in a long time. Now we have to show that this is a real group.

Saudi Arabia defeated Argentina 2-1. Saudi Arabia caused a major upset in the event by defeating Argentina

“My message to the supporters is to have faith. We won’t leave them stranded. We knew that Saudi Arabia is a team with good players, that they move the ball well and that they push the [defensive] line a lot. We worked on it, but we rushed a bit. We have to go back to the base of who we are. We have to think about what’s next.”

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