Russian Football Union votes to stay in UEFA despite ban

The Russian Football Union reiterated on Friday that it wants to see Russian teams compete internationally again after deciding against leaving UEFA and instead pursuing membership with Asia’s football confederation. Following President Putin’s invasion of Ukraine in February, UEFA banned Moscow from the competition.

Russian Football Union votes to stay in UEFA despite the ban

The Russian Football Union executive committee met on Friday and opted against transferring to Asia despite Russia’s planned departure from UEFA. Dyukov stated that the Russian Football Union has proposed forming a panel to consult with UEFA to revive ties. He did not wholly rule out the possibility that Russia will apply for participation in the AFC in the future.
As part of the UEFA ban, Russia was not included in the draw for the qualifying matches leading up to Euro 2024. It will begin in March next year. Additionally, FIFA has barred Russia from all future international events, including the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. Argentina ultimately prevailed. The Court of Arbitration denied Russia’s requests for the FIFA and UEFA ban to be overturned for Sport (CAS) in Switzerland.
If Russia were to leave UEFA and join the Asian Football Confederation, it would have repercussions for Russian clubs. Especially those participating in the Champions League and other elite European championships. The president of one of Russia’s most prestigious football clubs, Yevgeny Giner. Recently cautioned about the “enormous gap in the financial component.” The “state of possible international matches” in the Asian divisions in an interview with the daily Sport-Express.
Russian Football Union votes to stay in UEFA despite ban

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