Ronaldo, Henry, and Neville in the greatest Premier League XI

Over the years, there has been a lot of talk about who should be in the Premier League’s all-time best XI. We’ve chosen to have a go at putting together our own all-time best XI.

Ronaldo, Henry, and Neville in the greatest Premier League XI

It’s safe to say that many of football’s most famous players have played in the Premier League over the years. Yet, there is so much ability in every position that deciding who is the Gerrard and who is the Lampard depends on the person.

During the most recent Premier League season, players like Harry Kane kept trying to beat Alan Shearer’s all-time goals record in England’s top flight, while newcomers like Erling Haaland have already become part of the league’s history.

This could go to either Cech or Peter Schmeichel. In the end, we chose the player who used to play for Chelsea and Arsenal.

The Czech goalie has an impressive resume. He has won the Premier League four times and kept more clean sheets than any other keeper in the league’s history.

At left back, there is no question who should play. During his career, Cole wasn’t just the best left back in the Premier League; he was also probably the best fullback in the world.

In the same way, Terry played for Chelsea for almost 20 years and was so reliable that he helped the Blues win five Premier League titles.

Some people have been questioning Vidic’s reputation lately, mostly Liverpool fans who want to say that Virgil van Dijk is better.

We are big fans of Van Dijk, but at the moment, Vidic beats him in terms of how long he will play. He also beats Rio Ferdinand, who was also a great center back, by a small margin.

We chose Neville over players like Kyle Walker and Trent Alexander-Arnold at right back for the same reason. But the conversation might be different in a few years.



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