Real Madrid’s mental toughness is unquestionable

Real Madrid legend Marcelo talked about how Carlo Ancelotti can stay calm no matter what the result is, and how that calmness gets passed on to the players. Marcelo has been through a lot, just like many of the other Real Madrid players. But even those who haven’t seen enough to speed up their learning curve have seen enough.

Real Madrid’s mental toughness is unquestionable

Others have done the same thing. In his first season, Eduardo Camavinga also saw comebacks and hard times. When Marcelo leaves the club or retires, he will be able to say the same thing to him. Some people might think it’s silly, but Real Madrid fans won’t think so at all.

This is how traditions, values, and lessons are passed down. If you go back far enough, you’ll find that Alfredo di Stefano himself passed it on in the 1950s. Real Madrid has a skill that many people outside of the club and fan base don’t give enough credit for: they don’t get too excited when they score a goal, and they don’t get down when they give one up.

“My first year was that of comebacks in LaLiga (06-07) and there was no better school than that,” Marcelo explained. “Vini, Rodrygo and Fede knew about that and they asked me about those games, they already knew about it.”

Watching the comeback at Anfield was special for a number of reasons, many of which had little to do with football and more to do with an energy that was hard to describe.

The ambience during kickoff was unique and, to be honest, deafening. The decibels rose when Liverpool scored the first goal, and by the time the second one went in after 14 minutes, it was rowdy and unintelligible. In the midst of the mayhem, a quartet of Real Madrid players stood in the centre circle, waiting for Liverpool to stop celebrating and restart the game. Karim Benzema and Vinicius Junior were speaking with Luka Modric and Eduardo Camavinga.

Real Madrid's mental toughness is unquestionable

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