Premier League Clubs Vote to Retain VAR

VAR will be retained for the upcoming season following a vote of 19-1 by Premier League teams. In May, Wolves presented a proposal to the Premier League to have a vote on the implementation of VAR in the 2024-25 season. In order to abolish VAR, a majority vote from 14 out of the 20 Premier League teams was required. Given the lack of support from other premier teams, only Wolves cast a favourable vote for the concept.

. During the conference, the Premier League officially announced that Video Assistant Referee (VAR) decisions will be made during games. Also, semi-automated offsides will be implemented starting in the autumn.

Premier League Clubs Vote to Retain VAR

During the 2023 women’s World Cup, in-game announcements will be used to provide clear explanations of post-VAR decisions to the spectators in the stadium. The Premier League has also upheld the “stringent criteria” for VAR officials to interfere in subjective on-field decisions. Malcolm Clarke, the leader of the Football Supporters’ Association, expressed that fans cannot continue behaving in the current manner. The system required substantial modifications. The failure of Wolves’ attempt to eliminate VAR comes as no surprise. Considering that the Premier League would cover the cost regardless of usage, it was improbable for clubs to join Wolves. The secondary objective of the Wolves was to provoke a broader discussion, which they successfully accomplished.

Teams, match officials, and the Premier League are dissatisfied with the current situation. The Premier League seeks greater transparency, a goal that Howard Webb, the head of referees, feels will enhance the quality of decision-making. Implementing semi-automated offsides in the upcoming autumn could provide assistance. League officials caution that while the technology has undergone testing and evaluation throughout the current campaign, it will not completely eliminate delays. However, it is expected to expedite decisions, particularly in cases when rulings are on the edge and tend to take a significant amount of time. According to them, the average decrease will be 31 seconds.

Premier League Clubs Vote to Retain VAR


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