Manchester United and Adidas extend record-breaking £900m deal

The collaboration between Manchester United and Adidas was extended by 10 years and is worth at least £900 million. The new deal with the German sporting giant will last until June 2035. It will replace their previous £750 million, 10-year deal. Based on the amount of money made per season, this is thought to be the biggest shirt deal in the history of the Premier League.

2016 Chelsea signed a 15-year deal with Nike worth £900 million. The deal began in 2017. United’s CEO, Richard Arnold, praised the “iconic” bond between Manchester United and Adidas, which goes back to the 1980s. He talked about how they have worked together for 10 years. It has led to new styles and sports technology in their sportswear.

Manchester United and Adidas extend record-breaking £900m deal

Adidas and Manchester United have worked together since the 2015-16 season. From 1980 to 1992, Adidas provided the club’s uniforms. Even though the Glazer family is still discussing whether to sell Manchester United, the new deal has “a minimum cash guarantee of £900 million, subject to certain adjustments.” According to United’s most recent annual report, the original deal with Adidas ties a part of the club’s yearly payments to its performance in the Champions League.

If a team doesn’t make the Champions League for two seasons in a row, annual payments could be cut by 30%. This season, United will be back in the top club tournament in Europe after missing out in 2022–23. Even though they didn’t play in the Champions League last season, the club recently predicted record revenues. Better matchday and commercial earnings led them to change their annual forecast to an impressive range of £630 million to £640 million. It is more than their previous best of £627.1 million in 2019.

Glazer family is looking into selling the club, it still has a lot of debt. It includes more than £160 million in unpaid transfer fees. But the new kit deal will likely bring more attention to Manchester United’s women’s team. As it was brought back in 2018. This shows that the team is committed to supporting women’s football.

Adidas’ CEO, Bjorn Gulden, pointed out how well the two brands go together, saying that Manchester United and Adidas are significant in world football. If they keep working together, it could change the way football gear is made in the future.

Manchester United and Adidas extend record-breaking £900m deal

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