Liverpool promised double UEFA Champions League prize money

If Liverpool were to join the upstart European Super League, they would supposedly receive more than twice as much as they do from the Champions League. Football Insider, who was at a football summit in Brussels earlier this month, reports that returning ESL teams will be promised massive sums of money, far more than they are now earning from UEFA. A22, the management company founded by Real Madrid, Juventus, and Barcelona, employs Antón Garcia as a consultant.

Liverpool promised double UEFA Champions League prize money

According to his estimates, if enough clubs joined the proposed league, it might generate annual revenues of around $4.9 billion (£4 billion, or €4.5 billion). Those who take part might earn $2 million, roughly double what one would make by competing in the Champions League.

However, after the massive outcry from fans in April 2021, it seems doubtful that Liverpool or any other English side would rejoin the Super League. Last month, the idea was dealt another blow when the Advocate General of the European Court of Justice ruled in favour of UEFA on the organization’s authority to impose sanctions on dissident clubs. The court is not required to agree with this opinion, but it usually does.

Furthermore, the long-term impact on Liverpool would be diminished because the increased TV money from a Super League would likely be offset by the decreasing value of the Premier League and, indeed, Champions League rights.

Liverpool promised double UEFA Champions League prize money

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