Liverpool fans give UEFA a week to assume “primary responsibility”

Almost 1,000 Liverpool fans’ lawyers gave UEFA a week to settle last season’s Champions League final. Attorneys for over 1,000 Liverpool fans who were injured and traumatized during last season’s Champions League final have given UEFA one week to assume full responsibility for events in Paris. Also, pay proper compensation or risk action.

A leak this week revealed that UEFA is “primarily responsible” for the events preceding last season’s Champions League final between Liverpool and Real Madrid Congestion outside the Stade de France before the game threatened to injure fans

Liverpool fans give UEFA a week to assume “primary responsibility”

Liverpool fans were wrongly accused of a huge tickets scam outside the Stade de France. On Friday (February 17), UEFA was informed that more than 2,600 Liverpool fans intend to sue for compensation.

Pogust Goodhead and Binghams Solicitors, a Liverpool personal injury legal company, handed UEFA president Aleksander Ceferin and general counsel Simon Drake a letter giving them a week to react. If no answer is received, they will issue a formal letter before action detailing the physical and psychological injury caused by all their clients outside the stadium.

“We thought it wise to wait for the release of the UCLF22 Independent Review before formally notifying you of our clients’ claims against Uefa,” the letter states. After being leaked to the public, the report was issued on 13 February 2023, confirming our previous opinion that Uefa was principally responsible for the events at the 2022 Champions League Final (and obligated to pay damages to individuals who suffered) and that Liverpool fans were blameless. We intend to pursue our clients’ Uefa lawsuit.

“The report’s findings are unequivocal as to Uefa’s primary responsibility for those events. We invite you to confirm that Uefa will accept full responsibility for the events at the 2022 Champions League Final, including, as a matter of principle, liability to pay compensation for the loss and harm suffered by our clients (and all Liverpool fans affected).”

Liverpool captain Jordan Henderson called for the report this week to be used as a catalyst for the treatment of football fans, saying: “The Paris report needs to be a turning point for the treatment of football fans. No one should have their safety jeopardised by inadequate organisation. The sooner action is taken, the better.”

Liverpool fans give UEFA a week to assume "primary responsibility"

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