Lionel Messi ‘snubs’ chef Salt Bae after FIFA World Cup

Argentina won the FIFA 2022 World Cup on Sunday, with Lionel Messi at the helm. The legendary footballer reveled in his thrilling final triumph over France in Qatar. Messi and the Argentinian team celebrated by hoisting the trophy, and videos of the event quickly went viral online.

Lionel Messi ‘snubs’ chef Salt Bae after FIFA World Cup

A video has surfaced of Messi, 35, seemingly “ignoring” chef Salt Bae, who appears to be begging him repeatedly for a photo together amid the festivities. However, by game’s end, Salt Bae had posed for selfies with a number of Argentine players, including Messi, who looked extremely irritated.

As a matter of fact, Salt Bae was also present for the trophy photo session. Messi’s supporters, on the other hand, were not pleased to see the celebrity chef in action.

“Salt Bae harassing the GOAT for clout at the most important moment in his life. Look at Messi’s face,” a Twitter user wrote. “Messi ignoring Salt Bae is golden,” another quipped.

“Everything about this Salt Bae’s Instagram is cringy as hell but the videos he’s posted from the pitch are just awful. He basically is trying to wrestle the trophy away from Lisandro Martinez in one of them,” one Twitter user noted.

Lionel Messi 'snubs’ chef Salt Bae after FIFA World Cup

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