Lionel Messi conditions Barcelona comeback

It has been made clear which team Lionel Messi will play for next season The 35-year-old player wants to go back to Barcelona.El Nacional says that Messi wants to go back to Camp Nou, but he has given the club’s president, Joan Laporta, a list of requirements for his return.

Lionel Messi conditions Barcelona comeback

The Argentine is going to turn down Real Madrid’s crazy offer of €300 million per season.

Saudi Arabian club, Al-Hilal. If Messi took the deal, he would be the highest-paid soccer player in the world, but he would rather go back to Spain.

Messi wants his old club to have a strong football project that gives him a chance to win titles, and he also wants to be the club’s most important player.

The Argentine World Cup winner has also told the Spanish team that he will return as the club’s attacking leader and proud owner of the famous number 10.

Contrary to rumors, Messi won’t be lacing up his boots for a low wage. The 35-year-old player is saying that his pay should match his status in the locker room.

El Nacional says that he wants to be the highest-paid player at Camp Nou and that he has made it clear that he won’t let anyone else make more than him.

This situation directly affects Robert Lewandowski, whose net salary is €10 million per year and is set to rise to €16 million by 2024.

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