Javier Tebas responds to Barcelona and threatens legal action

La Liga President Javier Tebas has demanded that La Vanguardia issue an official retraction of their accusations levelled against him and La Liga on Monday morning. The Catalan newspaper, which has previously received payments from Barcelona as part of Barcagate, ran a front-page story on Monday accusing La Liga and its President of fabricating evidence against the club as part of the Caso Negreira revelations.

Javier Tebas responds to Barcelona and threatens legal action

They claim that when the names ‘Josep Maria’ and ‘Rosell’ were mentioned, La Liga submitted evidence intended to incriminate former Presidents Sandro Rosell and Josep Maria Bartomeu. Tebas dismissed the story from La Vanguardia as false. On Monday afternoon, Barcelona issued a strongly worded statement requesting Tebas’ resignation.

It cites his obsession, manifest dislike, and campaign against the club. Tebas then made a direct reference to Barcelona in a tweet. It was where he published an official letter to La Vanguardia demanding a correction.

It quotes the original documents submitted to the Prosecutor’s Office, stating that the document was submitted “without any intention of speculation, nor does it represent an accusation against anyone in particular.”

Within three days, the official letter demands that La Vanguardia publish a rectification of their article in all of the same places and with the same prominence as the original, indicating that the article has been changed. The letter concludes by threatening to use legal means if La Vanguardia does not comply. Tebas and Barcelona’s battle over El Caso Negreira appears to be going on for a while, with both asking the other to resign.

Javier Tebas

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