Former Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger to train

A new degree course led by Arsene Wenger will enable more players stay in the game after retiring. The Professional Footballers’ Association initiative aims to ensure current stars secure senior employment in football after retiring. The three-year PFA Business School initiative will be directed by FIFA’s global football development leader, former Arsenal manager Wenger.

Former Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger to train

Current stars commonly coach or manage, while ex-players are scarce in boardrooms and senior football positions. Arsenal, Chelsea, Newcastle, and West Ham are among the first clubs to support the course, which will let players learn while playing. Coaching, the FA Talent ID & Scouting Certificate, agency certifications, sport finance, law and governance, and performance analysis modules will be offered.

Wenger stated that he worked with numerous talented young footballers who were academically qualified but limited by course availability. This is a major development for them. For the first time, students can combine playing with a three-year undergraduate degree, dispelling the idea that you can’t do both. The programme aims to introduce students to the industry and enhance their understanding of the game and its performance features. The course should equip participants for their next steps in life and careers.”

Current and former PFA members, including Ilkay Gundogan, Phil Jones, Lucy Staniforth, and Steve McManaman, are enrolled in courses on Football Data Analytics, Football Psychology, Emotional Intelligence, and Leadership. Chief executive of the PFA, Maheta Molango, emphasised the need of not stereotyping players. They often have abilities and a basis that other vocations lack. “The PFA Business School equips players with confidence and adaptable skills for future roles in and out of football.” Spurs defender Ben Davies is pursuing a Diploma in Global Football Business Management from the PFA Business School.

Former Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger to train



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