Fifa World Cup Trophy 2022-23 | Everything you need to know!

There are few more recognizable trophies than the one that will be awarded to the 2022 tournament winner. The winner of the World Cup in football receives this trophy every four years. There have been 42 possible winners of the trophy since 1974. These include Germany, Argentina, France, Italy, Brazil, and Spain. Learn more about the history of the FIFA World Cup Trophy below.

Fifa World Cup Trophy 2022-23 | Everything you need to know!

The 18-karat gold trophy weighs in at 6.175 kilograms. It also features a total weight of 30,875 carats (75 per cent gold). Malachite bands encircle its bottom. The trophy may appear gold, but it is constructed of plastic. Inside, the award is empty.

But it is made of solid gold and weighs in at 4,927 grams. It stands 36.5 centimetres tall and 12.5 centimetres across. After the 1974 tournament, the Jules Rimet was retired and replaced by the present World Cup trophy.

Seven different sculptors from different countries submitted proposals for the future World Cup Trophy. Therefore, FIFA commissioned the design proposed by Italian designer Silvio Gazzaniga. A few years later, Gazzaniga also created the first-ever UEFA Cup and UEFA Super Cup trophies.

The present trophy is the only one still in use. Each nation that wins receives a bronze statuette of the prize. As the most prestigious trophy in the world, the FIFA World Cup trophy is also the priciest. The World Cup trophy is estimated to be worth £16 million ($20 million). 

  • Who designed the current trophy?
    Italian artist Silvio Gazzaniga designed the current FIFA World Cup Trophy. The current trophy was commissioned in 1974.
  • What is the estimated value? 
    The estimated value of the FIFA World Cup Trophy is £16 million ($20 million).

Fifa World Cup Trophy 2022-23 | Everything you need to know!

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