Fans wait outside footballer’s clinic in Brazil Pele

On Sunday, a large crowd gathered outside the Sao Paulo hospital where Pele. Now 82 years old, she is being treated for a lung ailment. Fans wait outside footballer’s clinic in Brazil Pele is news of the day. More than a hundred fans gathered to pray for the health of the man largely recognized as the greatest player of all time. The three-time world champion was admitted to the hospital on Tuesday. It was to continue receiving treatment for colon cancer, which was initially detected in September 2021.

Fans wait outside footballer’s clinic in Brazil Pele

As of right now, Pele “has had an excellent reaction to care without any worsening in the clinical picture in the last 24 hours,” they said in a statement. Later, the celebrity posted an upbeat message on Instagram, adding, “Friends, I hope you can all remain cheerful and composed. Even though I have a lot of hope and strength, I continue with my treatment as usual.”

Outside the clinic in the Morumbi area of western Sao Paulo on Sunday, his followers generally waited in quiet. Clutching a banner with an image of a young Pele and the words “Torcida Joven” (“Young Fans”).

As ESPN Brazil had reported days earlier, on Saturday. The daily Folha de S. Paulo claimed that Pele was no longer responding to chemotherapy and was now getting only “palliative care.” Nobody has corroborated this, not even the hospital or Pele’s family. The football community in Brazil. The general public in Brazil was becoming increasingly concerned amid rumors of the star’s purported declining health.

“Also, we are a spiritual force” praying for the sporting idol as he wages “one of the toughest battles of his life,” one fan, Marcos Bispo dos Santos, told AFP.

“So, we are here to give him strength so that the king of football can recover,” said Maicon Peterson. His two-year-old son was part of the vigil outside the hospital.

“We are suffering a lot, but God willing, he will make it through this.”

Worried fans keep vigil outside Brazil clinic of football icon Pele

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