EFL Demands Action from Reading Owner Dai Yongge

EFL Demands Action from Reading Owner Dai Yongge. Reading Football Club, currently competing in the English Football League (EFL), has found itself challenging as owner Dai Yongge receives a clear directive from the league’s governing body. The English Football League has requested that Yongge inject significant funds into the club or explore the possibility of selling it. This development has raised eyebrows within the football community and sparked discussions about the financial stability and future of the Championship club.

Financial Struggles and EFL Intervention:

Reading has been grappling with financial difficulties recently, raising concerns among league authorities. The English Football League, responsible for overseeing the financial well-being of its member clubs, has taken a decisive step by instructing Dai Yongge to address the financial challenges facing Reading.

The Ultimatum:

The ultimatum delivered to Dai Yongge unequivocal provides substantial financial support to stabilize the club’s finances or initiate selling Reading Football Club. This move by the EFL underscores the importance of maintaining financial sustainability within the league and ensuring the welfare of member clubs.

Dai Yongge’s Options:

As the owner of Reading, Dai Yongge faces a critical decision that will shape the club’s future. One option is to infuse significant capital into Reading, addressing outstanding debts, meeting financial obligations, and potentially investing in player recruitment and infrastructure development. This would demonstrate a commitment to the long-term stability and success of the club.

On the other hand, if Dai Yongge is unable or unwilling to meet the financial requirements set by the EFL, the alternative would be to explore the possibility of selling Reading Football Club. This option would involve finding a suitable buyer who can provide the necessary resources to navigate the club’s financial challenges and position it for a more secure future.

EFL Demands Action from Reading Owner Dai Yongge

Implications for Reading FC:

The outcome of Dai Yongge’s decision will have far-reaching consequences for Reading Football Club. If the owner injects funds into the club, it could improve financial stability, potentially enhancing the team’s competitiveness on the field. However, failure to meet the EFL’s financial requirements could result in a change of ownership, bringing uncertainty about the club’s direction and prospects.

Fan Concerns and Community Impact:

The injunction issued to Dai Yongge has understandably heightened concerns among Reading fans. Supporters are keenly invested in the success and well-being of their club, and any uncertainty about its future can create anxiety within the fanbase. Additionally, the broader community surrounding the club may feel the impact of these developments, as Reading FC holds a significant place in the local identity.


The EFL’s ultimatum to Reading owner Dai Yongge presents a pivotal moment in the club’s history. The decision made by Yongge will determine the trajectory of Reading Football Club, shaping its financial health, competitive standing, and overall stability. As fans anxiously await the resolution of this situation, the football world watches closely to see how Reading and its owner respond to the EFL’s directive.

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