Despite new Juventus effort, La Liga close to signing Rabiot

With each passing day since the end of the last season, it seems more possible that Adrien Rabiot will leave Juventus, and a new club is now trying to sign him.

Despite new Juventus effort, La Liga close to signing Rabiot

Rabiot’s contract with Juventus is coming to an end, and the club hasn’t been able to work out a new deal with him yet. Reports say that Juventus still wants to keep him by making a new deal with him, but new information from Calciomercato says that the French player is close to joining Atletico Madrid.

According to the story, Atletico Madrid has been talking with Rabiot’s agents for a while and is close to making a deal with the player. If this deal goes through, Juventus could lose another key player. This shows how important it is for them to add to their team during the current trade window.

Rabiot’s future at Juventus is still up in the air, but the fact that Atletico Madrid has become a possible destination suggests that the French player is getting closer and closer to leaving the Italian club. Now that Rabiot could leave, Juventus will have to deal with the chance of losing him and work to improve their team to make up for his possible departure.

Juve FC Says

Rabiot is a key player for us, and we should try to keep him. However, we have waited too long to try to keep him, so we have to move on quickly.

The club needs to know as soon as possible what will happen with him so that we can work on adding a replacement instead of hoping he will stay with us.


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