Berlusconi revives commitment to bring ‘a bus of prostitutes’ to players

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In December 2022, Silvio Berlusconi, a former Italian prime minister and the owner of AC Monza, made a wager with his players that if they won the Serie A giants, he would provide them with a “bus load of prostitutes.”

Berlusconi revives commitment to bring a bus of prostitutes’ to players

Berlusconi’s statements have been heavily criticized, but the former owner of AC Milan has defended himself by claiming that it was “just a simple locker room joke.” He has also criticized his political opponents for their “complete lack of humor” in criticizing him “in such a gratuitous way.”

Berlusconi revives commitment to bring 'a bus of prostitutes' to players

“We have found a coach (Raffaele Palladino) who is good, kind, and able to stimulate our boys. I have also given extra motivation to the players and told them that if we beat Milan, Juventus, one of these big clubs, I will send them a bus full of prostitutes to the dressing room,” Berlusconi said in a video recorded at his team’s Christmas dinner that went viral.

“Already over 100 people have called me, and asked me to fulfill the commitment”, said Berlusconi.


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