Barcelona sues La Liga over pay budget

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Due to their belief that the present regulations penalize them for declining to participate in the league’s agreement with equity fund CVC Capital Partners. Barcelona has declared they will sue La Liga to increase their salary budget by 15%.

La Liga is confident that the rules do not negatively impact Barcelona. The Catalan club took this measure after trying unsuccessfully to force the matter with the Spanish federation and UEFA. Spanish clubs in the top and second tiers are permitted to use 15% of the funds from the “La Liga Boost” agreement with CVC for salaries and transfers.

Barcelona sues La Liga over pay budget

Barcelona, who wasn’t one of those teams, has filed a lawsuit against the league, arguing that they aren’t entitled to play on an even playing field with the other teams who did. In exchange for a share of La Liga’s future TV rights revenue for the next 50 years, the clubs in Spain’s two top divisions got enhanced financial support under the agreement with CVC. Barcelona, Real Madrid, and Athletic Bilbao were the only clubs to vote against the agreement; two other clubs, who shall remain nameless, abstained.

Instead, Barca raised money last summer through several methods, including selling their future TV rights, which brought in €667 million from US investors Sixth Street. Parts of the funds were allowed to be included in Barcelona’s 2021–22 and 2022–23 season budgets by La Liga, enabling the club to sign top players like Robert Lewandowski, Raphael, and Jules Kunde last summer.

According to La Liga, Barcelona has already spent all of the funds received from their levers, including wages and salaries. Adding another 15% would only let them spend 115% of the funds raised, ultimately damaging their financial situation.

Barcelona sues La Liga over pay budget

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