Barcelona have not discussed lionel messi with league la-liga source

The salary cap will have to precede Barcelona’s pursuit of Lionel Messi this summer. Lionel Messi’s future at PSG is uncertain. Therefore, Barcelona have a desire to re-sign the Argentine star appears to have a better chance of coming true this upcoming season. However, their wage expenditure currently exceeds their salary cap significantly. The Blaugrana need to fill a €250m hole in their budget.

Barcelona has did not discuss lionel messi withLeaguee la-liga source

Diario AS claims to have confirmed with a La Liga source that Barcelona has not yet brought up Messi in their conversations about how to bring him back within their pay restriction. All of their discussions thus far have been about staying within the pay cap.

Inferring from the context, everyone involved would like to see Messi return. However, they will be constrained by that ceiling, and if the math doesn’t work out, they won’t be able to pull it off.



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