Arsenal fans must end ‘ridiculous’ defence mechanism

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Arsenal fans need to realize that expectations change over the course of a season. Arsenal was probably at its best around November when it became clear that they were in the running for the title. When it became clear that Man City with Haaland wasn’t the all-powerful football wrecking machine we expected them to be.

Arsenal fans must end ‘ridiculous’ defence mechanism

In March, it’s ridiculous to still say, “At the beginning of the season, we just wanted to finish in the top four.” Arsenal is ahead by 5 points with 13 games left to play. So far, Arsenal’s performance gives us reason to be hopeful.

Will Arsenal fans say, “We’ve made the top four, which was the original goal, so it doesn’t really matter how today goes” if they are two points ahead with a big goal difference going into the last day?

I’ve seen Man City win all 13 games, leaving Arsenal to win only 12. It’s okay if they fail. If not, the winner has 88–90 points. Arsenal are 100% in this race, and if you don’t win, you’ll be 100% unhappy. After getting into the top four, Arsenal fans will be upset if they lose this title. There may never be another chance like this. The season of ETH is very good. He made a club that was in bad shape into the best in the country. But it might change. Antony, who is very expensive, is one of the few failures. United is no longer a weak team.

The team is too old for the way it works, and it needs to be gutted. No problem. The whole midfield and most of the defense.

Liverpool might be able to get back on track at Anfield, where the crowd is usually very loud. We won against City, but we didn’t beat Madrid. I’ll select. It would surprise me if either team won by a lot.

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