Argentina’s hopes for World Cup are high!

Argentina’s football supporters felt a sense of destiny as Lionel Messi and his colleagues approached the World Cup final. From Jujuy in the north to Chubut 2,800 kilometers to the south, from Mendoza at the foot of the Andes to Mar del Plata on the Atlantic coast, the country was set to celebrate a third world title 36 years after their previous. At the Obelisk monument in central Buenos Aires.

Fans traditionally celebrate victory, many leapt up and down shouting songs Friday, 18 hours before the final. “I’m proud to be Argentine, I know Messi will bring home the cup,” said Franco Llanos, 22, wearing an Argentina shirt, joker’s hat, flag, and replica World Cup trophy. “Wooo-ooo-ooo!” Carina Disanzo, 44, wore Messi’s number 10 shirt in the historic Boca area. “If what we all hope happens, it’ll be a tremendous party, but even if it doesn’t, we’re in the final with the best player in the world,” she remarked. What happens in Argentina on the pitch, in the stands, and with the people is unique.

Argentina’s hopes for World Cup are high!

“Messi for all!” The Argentine city was a sea of Messi shirts, flags, painted faces, hats, and other souvenirs. Face paint and flags sold like hotcakes at Raul Machuca’s store in central Buenos Aires, Melu. He claimed it was a double boon for the shop with Christmas approaching. The city council painted pedestrian crossings with blue and white stripes for the national squad. Foreign fans joined in. Josh Gwilt, 27, and Greg Layhe, 28, were in Brazil but switched to Buenos Aires “on a whim.”

“Plus, when will you be in South America and see Argentina in a World Cup final?” Gwilt asked, wearing Emiliano Martinez’s jersey. Layhe, wearing a Messi shirt, claimed they wore their jerseys as a precaution given the ill animosity between England and Argentina on and off the ground. He backed Argentina, especially Messi, who had won everything except this. “We all hope he wins the World Cup; French fans we’ve spoken to are split because it would be a great finish to his career.

I think he’s the finest player ever and deserves to win “layhe Lilly Oronoz and Antonio Secola, both 51, traveled to Argentina for the game. Oronoz: “Latinos are supportive.” Everyone for Messi, Argentina. “We have greater passion and confidence they’ll win,” said Secola.

Also, problematic Argentina’s main television channels were to mark 12 hours to kickoff with a special rendition of the national anthem recorded by the players in Qatar. Goosebumps guaranteed. Football is one of two things that draws people together in a polarized, wealthy society. “This national team and the Falklands bonded us,” said Edgar Esteban, director of the Malvinas Museum in Buenos Aires.

Argentina's hopes for World Cup are high!

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